Top 5 Most Fit States

Here are the top five fittest states in America, in no particular order.

According to the CDC over half of Utah’s adult population is highly active. Utah, which was home to the 2002 Olympic Games, encourages a lifestyle of fitness and health to all its citizens. With a plethora of mountains resorts and adventure sports, Utah is a state that embraces fitness as a way of life.

Known as “Big Sky Country,” it is easy to see why Montana is a very fit state. Rafting, hiking, and skiing are all encouraged in Montana’s rugged terrain. Montana boast that more than half of its’ adult citizens get the recommended level of physical activity a week. In addition, programs such as “Big Sky Fit Kids,” which encourages fitness and health in children, helps make the state of Montana one of the most fit in America.

3. Oregon:
Oregon has a unique variety of terrain, that includes mountains, a coast, lush forest, and deserts, which are a sport’s enthusiast dream. Bend, Oregon, was named the number one town for sportsman, by Outdoor Life Magazine. In addition, Oregon can boast of being the state with the lowest child obesity rates.

Wyoming is best known as the home of “Yellowstone National Park.” Most of Wyoming’s adult population are physically fit. Activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping are popular in Wyoming. In addition, programs such as “Maintain Don’t Gain,” and “Flab on Fire,” encourage citizens of Wyoming to continue their healthy lifestyles.

Colorado is the only state in the nation whose obesity rate is under 20%. Colorado’s climate, and free healthy attractions help Colorado’s citizens remain the fittest in the country. A plethora of public parks, nice sidewalks, and affordable recreation options help make Colorado the fittest state in America. In addition, Colorado boasts of good weather for the majority of the year. On average, Colorado experiences 300 days of sunshine a year. This fact helps keep citizens fit, for they are able to be outside and exercise more often. This ideal climate encourages lots of outdoor activities; which leads to a more fit lifestyle. The culture itself in Colorado encourages fitness. There are young and old alike outdoors taking advantage of Colorado’s beautiful weather.

These are a few states that are doing things right. They encourage healthy lifestyles among their citizens, and offer programs that help them along that path. These states have proved that it is possible to be a fit state in America.

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